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Robinson Financial Careers

What we do



RFC develops symbiotic relationships with its clients to ensure significant cost savings and superior service to financial services organisations.

Undertaking committed, retained recruitment and executive search projects, we are afforded the time and professional distance to enable us to find the correct professionals to add significant value to our client businesses, rather than chasing fees for month end sales targets… This enables us to make the right decisions for client and professional.

As a direct result of our charging model and balanced approach, our retention rates average at 98% year on year.

We don’t coach our professionals for interview. Adopting instead a process of fully informing both sides of the equation to ensure the correct hiring and career decisions are made in all instances.



Whether we have approached a professional directly as a result of an executive search, or engaged them in response to an application or inbound enquiry, our processes and ethos of full disclosure without bias remains the same.

The key drivers for all of our activities are successful career development, not vacancy filling.

Industry professionals who work with RFC understand the difference between a recruiter filling a role for a fee and a consultant advising them on suitable career moves based on their personality, earning requirements and long-term life goals.

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